Exhibit 1


Joint Filing Statement


Statement Pursuant to Rule 13d-1(k)(1)


The undersigned hereby consent and agree to file a joint statement on Schedule 13G under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended, with respect to the Common Stock, Par Value $0.001 of MEDAVAIL HOLDINGS, INC. beneficially owned by them, together with any or all amendments thereto, when and if appropriate. The parties hereto further consent and agree to file this Statement pursuant to Rule 13d-1(k)(1)(iii) as an exhibit to Schedule 13G, thereby incorporating the same into such Schedule 13G.


Dated: November 25, 2020 Pura Vida Investments, LLC
  By: /s/ Efrem Kamen
  Name: Efrem Kamen
  Title: Managing Member
  /s/ Efrem Kamen
  Efrem Kamen